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On this site you will find a great list of addon's that are all tested & made sure they work correctly & are dependable. We decided not to post any custom builds as they can be very unstable & can cause alot of issues so please don't ask for them. As always we do welcome the commuinity to suggest addons by using our Contact Us page. Suggested addon's will be reviewed to see if the addon is worthy or not before adding it to the list.


As you all know 3rd party addon's are being cracked down on, so if your going to use 3rd party addon's protect yourself & use a VPN. VPN's secure & encrypt your connection so your ISP & other 3rd party monitoring company's can't see what you are viewing, downloading, etc. Your IP is also hidden to the public eye as you will be using the VPN's provided IP address.


If you new to using Kodi or thinking of buying / using a stream box then be sure to check out our FAQ page.


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