Kodi FAQ

Here is some answers to common Kodi FAQ
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What Is Kodi? :
Kodi is a free open-source media player software, which its primary usage is for steaming your own videos, pictures, music, etc to your tv. Most people use Kodi to install 3rd party addons that can access copyrighted content which has made Kodi very popular.

Is Kodi Legal To Use? :
Yes Kodi its self without the 3rd party addons is legal to use. Using 3rd party addons to watch copyright content may not be legal in your country. Best to check with your local laws about watching copyright content from the internet.  Also its recommend to use a VPN.

Does Kodi / XBMC Foundation Give Support On 3rd Party Addons? :
No not at all, all 3rd party addons have nothing to do with the Kodi itself. If you have issues with 3rd party addons you need to talk to the addon creator if possible.

How Can I Tell If I Am Using 3rd Party Addons? :
Can the addon access tv shows, movies or IPTV channels? If so then its a 3rd party addon & is not supported by Kodi.  90% of addons your going to find are going to be 3rd party addons.  So its best to treat all addons as 3rd party.

Are There Any Risks Using Custom Kodi Builds? :
Yes there are risks & its nothing to do with virus’s or anything like that. Its a risk because alot of builds are based off older versions of Kodi & that will end up causing addon compatibility issues.
The addon developers keep their addons updated to work with the current version of Kodi.
So if your going to use custom builds make sure the custom builds are maintained & are using the current version of Kodi.

Should I Use A VPN? :
That’s totally up to you & your situation. Overall its best to use a VPN to protect your privacy from your ISP & monitoring company’s. Here is great VPN provider if your looking for one to use. Gigabit VPN port speeds, No VPN Traffic Logs, Unbeatable price & more.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Kodi Box? :
First thing is to remember if you buy a cheap box don’t expect it to last long, as Kodi updates alot & most boxes are Android based. If you can’t update the Android version as newer versions of Kodi comes out your going to run into a problem. So do your research when buying a Kodi box.

The cheapest way to run Kodi is to use a laptop or old tower computer & install the Kodi software which is provided free on your computer & hook it up or stream it to your tv.