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Updated Oct 20 / 2017

Current Kodi News: 

– Kodi box crackdown by Amazon, Disney & Netflix
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– Kodi add-on lawsuits are abusive.
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– TVAddons insists its domains are not being used to spy on users.
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– TvAddons repository is back, but there is no point using it as most of addon creators have jumped ship or have moved to another repository

– SuperRepo is still running but alot of the addons are outdated & have been for a long time. Most addon creators have moved on from SuperRepo, so best just to stay away. Rumours are that a new team has taken over SuperRepo so maybe they will clean up the dead addons & etc.

Site Updates:

– We are adding a new page called 3rd party kodi repo’s.  Should be online soon after we are done      testing repos
– Added Strictly HD

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