Here Are A Few Common Troubleshooting Q&A’s For Kodi & 3rd Party Addons

Why I Am Getting A Popup Saying Pairing Required? :
That’s because the file hosting server is trying to lower bandwidth demand. Just goto the site the popup says & follower there instructions. Note that pairing usually only lasts a few hours to a day, then requires to be re-paired. You can use any device at home to pair, but the device needs to be connected to your home network as your pairing your IP Address not the device itself.

How Can I Stop Video’s From Buffering? :
There is no special one click fix. Buffering is caused by one or two things. First is your internet connection speed being to slow, or the server your trying to view the content on is having bandwidth issues. So if your speed of your internet is good then try a new video source. Keep in mind its not best to use WIFI for streaming content as wifi signals bounce up & down, which may cause streaming issues.

Why Is My Addon/s Not Working? :
There are a few things that can cause this
1. No Internet Connection, Or Very Poor Connection
2. Addon Needs To Be Updated Or Has Been Shutdown
3. Possibly Your ISP Is Soft Blocking The Streaming Websites. More & More ISP Are Doing This
3. Rare But Something In Kodi System Files Have Corrupted, Causing Dependency Issues, Etc

Why Am I Getting A Error When Installing A Addon? :
Most of the time its because the Addon source is dead (Source is where the addon files are stored), or it can be because of a dependency error. Dependency errors basically means it can’t install the dependency’s required.
Best way to find out what’s wrong that is to use a program addon called Log Viewer For Kodi. It should be available from Kodi’s official repository.  Install it & try to install the addon again then check the log to see what’s causing the error & go from there.

Why Am I Getting An Error When Trying To Add A Repository Source? :
Most of the time it means the repository source url is dead. Kodi checks the sources to make sure they are live before adding them. Double check the url address & if there was no typing error then the source is dead.